WDC Social Dance Committee


WDC Social Dance Committee




Welcome to the pages of the WDC Social Dance Committee


We are pleased to inform you that our Committee now changes back to our original name as “ Social Dance Committee“ at our Annual Meeting on 30th May, 2017.




As the new elected Chairman, I would like to bring our best afford to develop for the business of all dance schools and teachers except couple 10 dances for the best standard administered by the WDC Competitive Dance Committee.  Our Committee will work for the ground level to encourage more beginners to become into the valuable asset of the WDC Competitive Dance Committee and WDC Amateur League for the future.




The new idea and good artistic dance can be included and promoted through Social Dance Congress.  That will be our main role.




WDC Social Dance Executive Board




The general business of the WDC Social Dance Committee is looked after by the WDC Social Dance Executive Board (SDED) which is elected very three years by the Members at the annual committee meeting.


It consists of officers with specific jobs and items as follows:




Social Dance Congress






Dancer Teachers and Dance School






Issuing News Letter


 Create an Activity Calendar on the WDC website







 National/Regional/World Medallist/World Solo Competitions and Championships for beginners and ground level of 10 dances and different dance styles


 World Dance programme (WDP)


 Promotion of the WDC and UNESCO World Dance Day 29th April




The SDEB organizes the work through the following Departments:




Medallist Department


Artistic Dance Department


Project & Marketing Department


Eastern Europe Department


Asia Pacific Department






WDC Social Dance Committee is attempting to improve for our members Professional Dance Teachers and Dance Schools worldwide and work in their best interest. Also, the increase of the income for the WDC Ltd is also our mainly goal in the future.






Walter Wat


Chairman of World Social Dance Committee


Vice President of WDC Ltd.